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What is Selected Membership?

When Anglian Potters was first founded, galleries offering exhibition space wanted  to be assured of the standard of work submitted.  A Selected Membership category was set up to guarantee quality, and give us access to a wider range of exhibition space.

All our selected members are skilled ceramic practitioners, though not necessarily professional,  producing work that reflects their personal approach to working with clay.

Becoming a Selected member is an individual choice that allows a member to demonstrate a level of competence - however, you have only to visit one of our open exhibitions to see that high quality work is produced by everyone.

Selected Membership provides Anglian Potters with a broad knowledge base, and those willing to give advice on many skill-based areas give their contact details in the newsletter.

Becoming a Selected Member

A selection committee meets once a year to consider applications.

You will need to submit a portfolio plus examples of your best work.

For full details, please contact the Selected Membership Secretary.

Members who are thinking of applying for selected membership are advised to have a review of their work prior to making a formal application. This can be arranged through the Selected Members Secretary. Our aim with these sessions is to support members in developing their practice, and using the experience of existing selected members to provide feedback and help in crafting an application.

Applications can only be accepted from those who have been a member for at least a year and have shown work in at least two annual open exhibitions. As a guide, the qualities the
selection committee will be looking for will include:

  • Demonstration of competence and employment of relevant skills/knowledge.
  • A personal approach that is not directly derivative of another maker.
  • A good understanding of any functional aspects (if applicable), and how they might relate to the overall form.
  • Evidence that aesthetic consideration have been given to the form, surface decoration where applied, (including glaze) and finish.
  • A commitment to contribute to the broader activities organised by Anglian Potters.

Selected members with a showcase page on this site are listed below

* Selected members may not always be available for exhibtions.  Where this is the case, a note can be found on their showcase page.

Selected Members

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