Colchester Makerspace

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For those new to the concept, a Makerspace is simply a facility with shared access to workspace and tools for making. Established up and down the country, Makerspaces vary in size and the type of equipment they offer. From electronics and computing through to the more traditional metalwork and carpentry.

Colchester Makerspace at Trinity Works, will specialise in providing access to Ceramics, Textiles and Printmaking equipment, such as kilns, silkscreens, letterpress and sewing machines, eventually expanding to more contemporary tools such as laser cutters and 3D Printers.

We provide an exciting programme of classes and if you catch the bug and want to use the facility on a more regular basis, after completing a short induction, self-serve access to the space and some of its tools, will be available via a monthly membership, starting at just £15 per month for a light user.

Our longer term ambition is to create a Colchester Campus with multiple sites across covering different specialisms.

If you want any more info, please email Polly, the manager at 

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