Mini-me AGM Challenge

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AGM 17th May 2020

Members display table

Just for a change…..instead of our normal display of work.

Inspired by a very successful experiment at Celebrating Ceramics Waterperry in July 2019, we would like to invite everyone to make a miniature of their ‘normal’ work - a piece no bigger than a 2” cube (or smaller) for the display table at our May AGM. If you already work small you will need to go smaller. All work must be priced by the maker and be for sale, with 10% of sales going to Adopt a Potter, helping to fund new apprenticeships. We will provide suitable boxes to pack the miniatures in on the day. Many of the makers from Waterperry have gone on to produce miniatures as standard, and they are very popular.

Plenty of time to get some inspiration!


Any queries, pleasae contact Trudy Staines


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