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A short film titled "Home from Home: Ceramics by International Artists Working in Britain" will be shown at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge on Wednesday May 16th at 1900hr.

This high quality film was specially commissioned for the Home from Home project with Kochevet Bendavid as co-curator and maker. The project was awarded Arts Council England funding, and in addition to the film, comprised an exhibition at the CAA gallery, a publication, and an education and outreach programme. It presented the work of 25 ceramic practitioners who were born and bred outside of Britain, arrived here as young adults from across the globe and from a variety of religious, ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds and are now calling Britain their home.


The film features 16 of the participating makers sharing their experiences of living and working as ceramic makers in Britain. They talk of their journey to enter British society, find their place within the British ceramic world, and create a ‘home from home’ in the UK. They each reflect on the influences of their country of origin on their work, what they have each incorporated into their work from their British surroundings, and how the dynamics of these cross-cultural encounters are expressed in their work.We believe this thought-provoking, sometimes touching film, which deals with pertinent and current issues concerning identity, belonging and “where is home”, offers a distinctive viewpoint of the immigrant experience, contributes to the ongoing discourse around contemporary ceramics in Britain.


The film will be screened at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, on Wednesday May 16th, at 19:00, in connection with their current superb ceramic exhibition "Things of Beauty Growing." It will be presented by me, with a brief introduction, and a short session of Q&A after the screening. 

More information on this event from the Fitzwillaim Website 


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