Message from Mary Fox, USA Potter

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I am reaching out to you in the hopes of getting some coverage in your newsletter for my book. It is now available worldwide and has been receiving very good reviews. I would be happy to email you  the media kit and the book if you would like. Or, if you would prefer a hard copy of the book, happy to mail you one if you send me an address to ship it to.
All royalties from my book go to the Mary Fox Legacy Project, there is a short 5 minute video about the project on my website if you would like to know more.
I am constantly working on the project and have recently set up an apprenticeship program here. It is a bit of an unusual one as I don’t have a place for the potter to live during the apprenticeship but I have come up with an unique fix for that problem. Cathi Jefferson, a salt/soda firing potter lives 40 minutes away and has a cabin on her property on the Cowichan River that the apprentice will live in. The apprentice will work here producing my line of tableware and help Cathi out with jobs at her studio which of course means they will be learning about her way of firing as well as my own. This is super as our work is very different and the apprentice will learn so much more this way.
I have my first apprentice lined up to start here in Jan 2022, she is an immigrant from Ireland and has been living in Canada for two years. She will have here residency requirements met by the end of this year, hence the start date of 2022.


Name: Mary Fox
Phone: 025 0245 3778

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