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I design and make all my work.  It is thrown and altered, hand built, carved and textured in white clays.
I make domestic ware in Reduction high fired stoneware.
I also make sculptural pieces, animals, birds and human forms in both Reduction stoneware and raku.

Stoneware Reduction Firing
After bisque firing, the pots are then glazed. I mix my glazes from the raw materials and apply multiple layers.  This is very time consuming as each layer has to dry before either dipping, pouring or brushing on the next.
The pieces are then fired in my gas kiln in a heavily reduced atmosphere to  1300c. The reduced atmosphere acts on the clay and metal oxides in the glaze materials, and provides the richness and variety of colour in the glazes and unique effects in my pots.

I also work in Raku making sculptures and masks. I like the spontaneity and harshness from the firing process. The glazes I favour have copper and tin in them. Tin can produce crackles to enhance the design. Copper is probably the most erratic constitution, providing wonderful colours from green through turquoise to mauve and red. Fully reduced surfaces become copper and the bare clay becomes black with the smoke.
The pieces are taken out of the Kiln at 1000c with tongs and then reduced in sawdust in a metal container.

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Linda Luckin

Linda Luckin studio pottery

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Linda Luckin studio pottery

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