Helen Humphreys

I make stoneware garden sculpture and decorated dishes, plates, tiles and a variety of other work.

The Green man and serene wall pots are designed for use as containers with plants such as thyme and saxifrage. The pots are made from high fired clay and are frost resistant. I enjoy making faces and seeing the clay take on its own personality.

The plant theme continues onto my dishes, plates and tiles. I decorate these with impressed leaves and lettering, often poetry, in celebration of beauty in nature. The vases and tiny bowls are carved with a Lotus leaf design.

I have retired from teaching pottery classes.

Since many events have been cancelled by covid, I have opened an online shop which you can visit at my website. Pots are sent out and delivered by courier in a safe manner.   www.helenhpottery.co.uk

Contact details:

Helen Humphreys

18 Rosemary Road, Waterbeach Cambridge CB25 9NB

Tel: 01223 862968

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