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I am fascinated by the endless possibilities clay allows, in shape, colour and function. 

I have experimented with most types of clay and firings, from open-pit fired terracotta, to raku, from salt and soda glazing to 36-hour-long wood firings, but settled for a number of years on stoneware fired in an electric kiln. 

I always knew I wanted to learn to throw, and I am still learning, but I also sometimes hand build, using slabs and textures, and also sometimes combine elements that are extruded. I have always enjoyed mixing my own glazes, also profiting from my knowledge of chemistry and geology from my previous working life. 

My newest range is in porcelain, decorated with accents of pure gold, which adds a third firing to the process, and am enjoying both the challenges that these materials present and the satisfactions they give me when I open the kiln. 

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Roberta Bateman

Roberta Bateman Ceramics

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Roberta Bateman Ceramics

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