Stephen Murfitt

My work is driven by an obsession with clay and its versatility. I make forms and vessels which are handbuilt and Raku-fired. These evolve through an exploration of form and process. Influences are diverse and come from a combination of visual elements seen in the natural and built environments. The effects of weathering, erosion and decay provide a constant source of reference. Small groups of related forms are hand built simultaneously. The slow and contemplative pace of coiling allows for considered developments and refinements to be made. Glazing and firing methods are adapted to enhance the form and surface of each piece. Although the word 'Raku'  is used to describe my work  the firing now often slowly reaches 'stoneware' temperatures with a crucial period of cooling before reduction/oxidation takes place. The combination of making, glazing and firing result in one -off pieces which are completely unique. 

Contact details:

Stephen Murfitt

Old Chapel, Chapel Road, Ramsey Heights Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE26 2RS

Tel: 01487 711478

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