Iwona Minarik - Tarmin Pottery

What has fascinated me from the beginning of my ceramic journey is its never-ending challenge.

I take a lump of a dirty mud in my hands and add a lot of my imagination, a scoop of my skills, a touch of my fingers, a mood of this moment, colours of this day, a handful of intuition and all my heart. It is fun, it is joy, it is magic, it is a style of life. It is a way I see it :)

Stoneware, texture, stamps and sprigs I made myself, modify and combine with a water etching and carving. Mostly functional pots. Intuition always goes before a meticulous planning :)

Contact details:

Iwona Minarik

Tarmin Pottery

64 High Street, Welford Northampton NN6 6HT

Tel: 07595 184481

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