David Stonehouse

I make sculptural and functional wheel-thrown vessels in porcelain and stoneware. Having gained a first-class degree in Silversmithing & Jewellery (Sheffield), I was assistant to David Watkins, RCA Professor of Metalwork & Jewellery, before completing an MA in Product Design at Central St Martins. Having spent 25+ years in international design and innovation consultancy, I have returned to my craft roots to make refined objects.

My sculptural vessels and grouped pieces investigate the relationship between internal and external forms, volumes and surfaces. Pieces are often cut or constructed such that the original inner surfaces and enclosed volumes become externalised. I’m particularly attentive to the lines and thresholds that these resulting intersections form. The arranged groups explore the relationships and tensions between the pieces, and the spaces bounded by these multiple objects.

My domestic ware is the product of an ongoing refinement of form, function and detailing, to enrich everyday life. I use a restricted palette of materials to allow these to be at the forefront of each piece - for example, celebrating the tactile contrast between raw clay and glazed areas. Although striving for consistency, I value the variation that hand-crafting produces, which helps to connect the user to the maker.

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David Stonehouse

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