Rosemarie Cooke - Rosemarie Cooke

Animals, birds and figures are individually handbuilt in a variety of stoneware clays, biscuit-fired and then glazed thinly or finished with various stains and oxides before being fired to 1230 degrees C in an electric kiln.

I enjoy the challenge of manipulating the clay into the desired form, be it a dodo standing precariously on two legs or a large squat toad firmly resting on its belly.  Texture is of great importance in my work.

I take an active part in Anglian Potters' exhibitions.  Galleries which sell my work include Steam Gallery,  Beer, Devon .

Contact details:

Rosemarie Cooke

Rosemarie Cooke

Greenlawns, High Street, Bury Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE26 2NQ

Tel: 01487 813835

Mob: 07599 117044

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Rosemarie Cooke

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