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Ng Pottery 吳 陶藝

Ng Pottery is founded by Diana Ng. She is a designer & potter who bases her practice in the UK. She was born in Hong Kong where she studied Pottery under Master Tsui Yun Chung 徐潤中 at secondary school. She gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at School of Visual Arts in New York City and eventually moved to Europe to live and work.

Her ceramics focus not only on functional pieces such as teapots, cups, bowls, plates and vases but also sculptural pieces Her philosophy is to embrace the unexpected often happens in the making process and the imperfection which highlights the human quality of handmade work.

Diana utilises various clay bodies, such as white stoneware, terracotta, black clay and porcelain, on her pottery. Her inspirations are an alchemy of Chinese tradition, European design, nature and science. She likes to experiment with glaze layering effects and explore shape and form in pottery.

Follow her on Instagram (ddmng) for her latest work.

Contact details:

Diana Ng

Ng Pottery

The New House, Smee Lane, Great Plumstead Norwich NR13 5AX

Mob: 07516 503016

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Ng Pottery

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