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Working from a studio in the garden of her 16th century cottage Alison celebrates slow making and enjoys working in small batches.  Her practice has always been rooted in the domestic, making pots to hold and use, to touch, and to connect with the comforting rituals of daily life.

Revelling in the process of throwing, she loves the marks fingers leave on each stage of the process, implicitly showing the hand formed nature of each unique vessel.


Alison uses two clays, a speckled stoneware which she glazes leaving some of the tactile clay uncovered for fingers to explore.  This clay is glazed in muted earthy tones that invite you touch and feel.  A smooth, off white stoneware invites a slightly different response, glazes are brighter and the finish smoother which renders a more formal aesthetic.


Recent explorations have included Raku firing and a home built barrel kiln for smoke firings, both practices with their own challenges, yet yielding interesting and rewarding results.


Alison has been working with clay since joining art college in Sussex aged sixteen.  She has studios in several different locations and has had breaks from making pottery. In the end she has always been drawn back to the beautiful symmetry of the wheel, the simple tactile delight of wet clay and the continuing wonder and delight of glaze experimentation.

Contact details:

Alison Peet

Old Brewhouse Pottery

Woodbine Cottage, Walpole Halesworth Suffolk IP19 9AP

Tel: 01986 784359

Mob: 07986194025

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