Serena O'Connor - Serena O'Connor

I have always found the journey of a pot, from a squidgy lump of clay to a refined object of beauty, extraordinary; the more so because it is made directly from the energy and creativity of the maker. Of course here is alchemy and fire involved, but this aspect is always unpredictable and I often take a deep breath when opening up the kiln after a firing to prepare myself for what will lay within. Excitement, dejection - there is no doubt that pottery is emotional!!!! The journey from start to finish is a story in itself. I have always found the idea of story telling on pottery fascinating and I often include some sort of pictorial narrative within my designs. I have been working mainly in porcelain or white earthenware recently as it suits my sgraffito techniques for translating my images.

Contact details:

Serena O'Connor

Serena O'Connor

Willow Cottage, School Lane Boxworth Cambridgeshire CB23 4ND

Tel: 01954 267517

Mob: 07887 643805

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