Ian Siragher - UUCreations Limited

My intention  is to explore the opportunities provided by 3d printing when applied to the production of ceramic products.

Typically this will be through the application of the technology to making forms and moulds. It might also include the making of tools/equipment to ease the production of  ceramic products.

In pursuit of this goal  I do not want to usurp traditional techniques, slip casting, hump moulds etc.  The 3d printing processes will not be used in the production of the final pieces.

In following this route I will not confine myself to types of work/products, the defining feature will be the use of 3d printed form or related software  to assist in the production of the piece.

Contact details:

Ian Siragher

UUCreations Limited

3 Foster Lane, Swaffham Prior Cambridge CB25 0FA

Tel: 07900 206100

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UUCreations Limited

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