Claire Folkes - Claire Folkes ceramics

Wheelthrown stoneware and porcelain.

I am a small batch potter located in Hempstead near Saffron Walden, Essex. All of my work is thrown on the potter’s wheel, using porcelain and white stoneware clay. I decorate my pieces simply using neutral and complementary coloured slips and glazes, which are bisque fired to 960 degrees, then a second firing exposes the pieces to 1,240 degrees.

I particularly love the transformation from raw clay to a highly glazed finished surface, and my work always contains unglazed surfaces to highlight this contrast. My porcelain pieces are sanded and polished at the bisque stage, with the unglazed porcelain taking on a beautiful clarity after the final firing.

Tactile pieces, made to be used, handled and loved.

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Claire Folkes

Claire Folkes ceramics

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Claire Folkes ceramics

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