Chris Bullock - Ceramics with a Twist

My wife, Barbara, and I trained and received distinctions at Level 2 and 3, City and Guilds in Ceramics after retirement. We have now become enthusiastic amateur potters.

I am inspired by the unusual, slightly weird, and sometimes surreal, from artists such as M C Escher, and Salvador Dali, plus my own mathematical and computing background. Most of my items are 'one-offs' and extend from small dowsing pendulums, through sculptured representations of illusory art, to a scale model of the solar system.

Naturally, along the way I have pinched, slabbed, carved and thrown a variety of 'pots' that would be classed as 'normal', but these have all been transformed by interesting and 'stand-out' glazes into something designed to catch your eye.

We, thoroughly, enjoy what we do, and are always looking out for new and inspiring ideas.

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Chris Bullock

Ceramics with a Twist

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Ceramics with a Twist

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