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Around 6 yrs old I saw a kiln through a window in my Ipswich school and wondered what was going on in there. None of our classes were held in this room so I got on with drawing and painting instead.
This led to art school and a career in graphic design, however, I never forgot that building and one day,
30years later, I joined a ceramic course in Harrow to find out what clay was all about.

Ever since, I've been making things with this material and learning how to express what I think or feel using it. My sculptural work has no deep meaning, it changes frequently and often has a humorous element.

I build by hand with a few simple tools and decorate with bold colours or experimental mixtures of off-the-shelf glazes. I test regularly but I ignore reading the instructions. Firing is done in an electric kiln multiple times... till i'm happy.

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Ian Pipe

Ian Pipe Ceramics

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Ian Pipe Ceramics

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