Louise H Todd - Work by Weaze

A conceptual artist specialising in site-specific response, who relishes the opportunity to immerse and lose herself within the creative portal of discovery. As with Anti-form, expression can change, embracing chance and organic forms.  Photography features heavily, capturing beauty within every day life and frequently the starting point within absorption, sometimes leading to writing too.

Keeping a completely open mind, freed from any preconceived ideas, ready to explore and develop the multitude of ideas that spring from new input.  Creating work to interpret sights/sites, sounds and occurrences that focus on the indeterminate qualities inherent in the overlooked and unobserved, hidden in full sight, such as a puddle, discarded object, reflection or shadow; embracing the Japanese tradition of Wabi Sabi (an aesthetic view of transience and the beauty of imperfection).

“Through my practice I want the subject to not only be seen, but felt by the onlooker, to see what I see, hear what I hear and feel what I feel.  Ambiguous qualities in my work are important, they are a journey of visual and experienced feelings.”

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Louise H Todd

Work by Weaze

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