Keziah Burt - Keziah Burt artist

I am an artist and mother working from my  home studio in Cambridgshire. Originally my work focused on exploring the human shape in abstract form. However my most recent creations in clay have been as a result of scupting whist in 'conversaton' with another person. These small palm sized sculptures are a direct result of these moments in time, the interaction between myself and the sitter.  Each piece is as unique as the person I talk with and is intended to be interacted with and held, they are incredibly tactile objects. I present them mounted on reclaimed drift wood but they work equally well freestanding.

I have a degree in fine art sculpture from loughborough university school of art and design and currently work freelance as a portrait painter too!

Contact details:

Keziah Burt

Keziah Burt artist

36 York Square, Wyton On The Hill Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE28 2HX

Tel: 01480 454140

Mob: 07980 543326

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Keziah Burt artist

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