Ruth Fairhead - Ruth Fairhead Ceramics

My ceramics are elegantly handbuilt from slabs of clay and reflect an array of contrasts – pattern and texture with smoothness, sharp edges with sweeping curves, matt with shine, precision with imperfection, delicacy with strength, gentleness with impact.

Surfaces on each piece are imprinted with pattern using linocuts, which are often historically referenced. Designing my own patterns and cutting my own lino is an important part of my ceramic practice and I pick up ideas from all around me. Each piece is a decorative object in its own right, but there is also story behind every form and pattern, should you wish to dig a little deeper.

All my work is designed and made in the studio at the end of my garden, and from there my ceramics are sold at events and in galleries around the UK.

I am a member of Cambridge Open Studios, the Craft Potters Association, and a selected member of Anglian Potters.

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