Jan Elliott

I am currently exploring smoke and saggar fired decorative techniques on thrown vessels, using a range of organic and mineral colourants. The resulting surfaces are delightfully subtle and delicate.

 In the series of playful slab-built tripod pots, I experimented with colourful, patterned surfaces. Working on flat slabs allows me to layer coloured slips in different combinations of marks and patterns, to build a rich and complex surface. I use hand cut stencils, masking techniques and freehand brushwork. The slabs are then wrapped around a cylindrical former and folded in at the base to create the three feet and pleasingly curved arcs, lifting the pot up and lending it visual lightness.

Further examples of my work can been seen on instagram @jans.pots

Contact details:

Jan Elliott

Bradbury Farm, Hare Street Buntingford Herts SG9 0DX

Tel: 01763 289820

Mob: 07900 972924

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