Diana Watts - Cherry Hill Ceramics

My pots all start life on the wheel as I love working with the fluidity of clay which gives the form a life of its own. For me a successful pot is one that has a personality something unexpected from my original idea and full of possibilities. The challenge as a potter is to make a pot that is balanced in the hand and a delight to use. Other more decorative pieces go through more stages of transformation and can need more weight at their base for stability. I love to decorate my pots and enhance their character with interesting feet and applied relief decoration. My inspiration for this latest development in my work came from my many travels. Each culture expresses themselves through their ceramic ware and much of what is found in ancient sites was both a vital part of every day life, storing and preserving food and drink as well as vessels for ritual. I enjoy marrying these two aspects, making vessels both functional and special for the ritual of daily life.

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Diana Watts

Cherry Hill Ceramics

94 Broad Street Ely Cambs CB7 4BE

Tel: 07765 240873

Mob: 01353 663934

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