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The Potential Inside collection celebrates creation and the potential inside all living creatures. Initially inspired by the spiritual art of Enso with an apparently simple circle representing the universe, everything that’s in it and the void from which everything came. I liked the idea of the void inside having the potential to create everything and so my work concentrates on the potential inside to birth and grow, and the idea that everything grows and flows from the inside out. Images of seed pods, pollen and fertility inspire the spherical forms with the decoration on the inside representing the potential within just beginning to show itself and burst or break outward.

My work touches upon the power and potential within seed pods as well as birthing new life. It is fundamentally inspired by my experience as a woman and a mother. The exterior finishes are earthy and imperfect with marks of the maker’s process as evidence of origin and building character. In contrast, the interiors are adorned with intricate and often colourful decoration just visible as the inside potential is blooming.

The curvaceous forms are built in ceramic, a medium with an inner strength that is known for its functionality but also encompassing a sense of fragility inside that requires respect. Each piece contains a subtle tension between strength and fragility.

To share my passion for art and clay I also teach regular classes and workshops in ceramics at my studio in Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire. I specialise in hand building and will soon be adding raku firing to the range of workshops I offer.

Contact details:

Paula Armstrong

Paula Armstrong Ceramics

5 Rookery Place Fenstanton Cambridgeshire PE28 9LZ

Tel: 01480 700280

Mob: 07712 151484

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Paula Armstrong Ceramics

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