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Love of the beach and coastline...calming effects of the sea....contrast of rough cliffs against smooth sands...collecting stones...unconciously stacking pebbles....geological strata...matt vs shiny..wet vs dry...clifftop walks....grasses, seedheads blowing in the wind...clouds chasing across the sky....intense contrasting colours... An ever growing accumulation of inspirations.....

Slab-built delicate porcelain vessels, heavily decorated in texture and washed with layers of colour.  Firing to 1240" in an electric kiln.  I also make fine textural tealights and electric lamps; intricatley decorated with shells, ammonites and textures collected from the coastline.

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Sarah Rooms Heaphy

Sarah Rooms Heaphy Ceramics

110 Mawson Road Cambridge CB1 2EA

Tel: 07952 208904

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