Sharon Laslett - Shazart

Clay. I just love it. To create a form on the wheel is pure magic. I never get tired of it.

For the past several years I have been making highly decorated pots of all shapes and sizes and having great fun (see my website). But then recently something crossed over in me and I wanted to concentrate more on the form of a pot complimented with a simple glaze. I'm not sure why but suddenly I no longer wanted to paint on the surface of the clay. 

My current work is spare and simple and, I feel, true somehow. A bowl is a bowl. A mug is a mug. As with all creativity the forms are constantly evolving, although at the moment I am loving the shape of my bowls, and the glossy deep brown glaze is a happy accident produced by a celadon and a light brown matt.





Contact details:

Sharon Laslett


4 Maida Avenue London E4 7JN

Mob: 07826 658218

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