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Le Corbusier to Park Hill

I create geometric and architectural sculptural forms, which have a story to tell through the form and the surface print.

Brutalist Architecture is a great influence on my work. I have looked at mass housing developments starting with Le Courbusier’s Unite d’Habitation in Marseilles, his ideal housing solution. Contrasting with this, I have considered well known complexes in this country such as The Barbican and the grade II listed, Park Hill, a monolithic housing complex in Sheffield. I have seen the despair and dilapidation in some mass housing, but also the hope in the intentions of the designers of the original buildings. This is being recovered in the regeneration of Park Hill. My work is created from the photos and images of these buildings. I have created a narrative in the combination of ceramic forms, surface prints and colour to express hope for the future.

The Southbank

To create this work I looked at the Cubist, Futurist and Vorticist movements in art. This led me to look at modern architecture and geometric forms by making photographic observations of the Southbank area especially the National Theatre and Hayward Gallery.

The influence of Brutalist architecture has become central to my work.

I created the geometric forms and alongside this, following cubist ideas I created collages and lino cuts from my photos. These were developed into a screen print using two colours, which I use as an under-glaze transfer print that is applied to the work after its first firing in the kiln.

My printing technique

I have developed a unique way of under-glaze transfer printing using one or two colours. This follows the original 18thcentury method created by Josiah Spode but with a modern twist. From my photographs and images I have used collage and Photoshop to develop transfer screen-prints. I screen- print the transfer designs onto paper using a medium suitable for firing. Then I transfer the prints onto the biscuit fired forms before glazing and firing for a second time to a high temperature.


Methods: Hand built ceramics using slab building techniques. Some pieces will be slip cast. Then the pieces are painted using coloured slips, with some colour details stencilled onto the leather hard clay.

After biscuit firing the pieces are printed using under-glaze transfer prints, which are screen printed onto paper before being transferred to the biscuit fired piece.

After drying the pieces are glazed and fired again.

The prints and forms are developed from photos and images of “Brutalist” architecture, currently with references to Mass Housing from Le Corbusier To Park Hill in Sheffield via The Barbican.

Work usually available: Some usually available in stock.
Made to order, will take about 8 weeks.

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Fiona Shreeve

Fiona Shreeve Ceramics

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Fiona Shreeve Ceramics

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