Judith Coombes - Judith Coombes Ceramics

I have played with clay since I was a toddler, digging up London clay from the bottom of the garden and 'firing' my efforts in my mother's oven. I love the versatility of clay and the creative things one can make it do.

I worked at a production pottery in Kent from 1965 to 1984, eventually giving up work to attain an HND in 3d design ceramics from Croydon college in 1986.

The inspiration for this work comes from a love and fascination with line, form and colour and the interplay between these three elements.  I strive to make objects of beauty, which may uplift or emotionally connect with the viewer.

Contact details:

Judith Coombes

Judith Coombes Ceramics

East Acre, Harleston Road, Weybread Diss Suffolk IP21 5TU

Tel: 01379 855246

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