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I first learnt to throw as part of my teaching degree and have returned to ceramics in retirement. I work from my home studio in St Ives and fire in an electric kiln.

Having worked in white earthenware for several years I have returned to my first love - porcelain. I love the purity and the magic of its translucency, and am rediscovering how it responds to colour. I throw small pieces - bowls, bottles, tumblers, jugs & vases which may be altered, incised, carved or pierced, and have coiled or textured slab additions. Decorative ideas are drawn from features of the natural world - the sea, sky, shells and plants.

Colours from the green/blue palette are achieved through copper and cobalt oxide washes.

My grasses and seed head vessels are decorated using the Mishima technique (slip inlay). The entire surface is painted with wax resist, through which lines are carved into the leather hard clay. Black underglaze is painted over the carved surface. The waxed areas resist the underglaze and gentle wiping back reveals the carved lines of the decoration. Coloured underglaze highlights may be added before the bisque firing to 1000oC.

I use a glossy transparent glaze before firing to 1240oC and some pieces are further enhanced with 22ct gold lustre highlights before a third firing to 780oC.

I particularly enjoy becoming totally absorbed in the various decorative processes, which is by far the most time consuming aspect of my work.

I sell my work from my studio, at Anglian Potters’ selling exhibitions and through Le Strange Old Barns Antiques and Craft Centre in Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Contact details:

Celia Greenaway

Celia Greenaway Ceramics

33, Russet Close St Ives Cambridgeshire PE27 3NN

Tel: 01480 393067

Mob: 07909 986233

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Celia Greenaway Ceramics

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