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In some of my work I have explored form and in some I have focused on pattern and texture, but the starting points were similar. I have returned to themes initially investigated in my student days when I was inspired by an exhibition catalogue called 'Images from Life'. This book was published by the British Museum and is a collection of electron micrographs of three dimensional structures in living and fossil organisms. The visual apeal of these images is the structural design and pattern values of natural objects revealed at high magnification. My resulting biomorphic forms and images are ones that while abstract, nevertheless refer to, or evoke, living forms. They are reminiscent of nature and living organisms. I am interested in what traces are left after death and decay. Remnants of life forms found in or on the ground where much living material might have rotted away leaving a structure preserved in time.

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Vivienne Burns


Ingate Lodge, Grove Road Beccles Suffolk NR34 9QY

Tel: 07920 339906

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