Tina Stark - Tina Stark

I have making ceramics since the 1990's.  I primarily use white stoneware clay and use a variety of hand building techniques. I use oxides and stains to enhance texture and some items are glazed.


I am interested in creating organic forms that are influenced by, but not realistic representations of, the sea, geographical formations, and plant-life. I often have a general idea of the shape I want to create and let it evolve as I build.


From my first experiments with clay I have been in love with texture. I make my own molds and stamps and use a variety of found objects (both natural and man-made). I often leave making marks visible.


I find that working with clay is a meditative process and gives me a sense of calm that is hard to beat. I hope that my ceramic pieces give as much joy to their owners as they give to me in their making.


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Tina Stark

Tina Stark

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