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I always liked to work with clay, working with my hands.
I love the Japanese and Chinese style of pottery and I admire the glazes, the celadons, tenmokus, oxblood copper red.
In order to get such pots in my hands I felt I have to try and make them myself.
I have attended ceramics weekends and evening classes in Germany and Switzerland since 1985, learning a lot but never enough to answer all the questions or to quite fill the gap in my skills!
Since the end of 2004 I have lived in the UK and I have the good fortune to have my own workshop in the back garden. Since 2008 I am working as full-time potter.
My passion for ceramics has increased since then and I developed a special interest in oriental  glazes and reduction firing.

To achieve these glazes the work has to be fired in a kiln with an open flame.
At a point during the firing the atmosphere is being starved of Oxygen, which creates a reduction atmosphere and the oxygen-hungry flame has to find it from the glazes.
Magically copper green turns into red and iron honey-brown into greens or blues.

Due to the high firing temperature the work can be kept outside all year round.

Most of my work is decorative for the garden or indoors!

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Anja Penger-Onyett

Ceramics Buy Anja

23 Park Lane Blunham Bedfordshire MK44 3NH

Tel: 01767 641435

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