Ian Vance - Ian Vance Ceramics

I make sculptures and rugged pots in in deepest Northwest Essex. I use heavily grogged clay so that these can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. My inspiration is from ideas throughout the world such as the Guilin Karst Mountains in China and the incredible mud buildings of Mali

I have developed a range of lithium matt glazes for mid-temperature use that emphasise the interesting surfaces on this work

I also add delicate porcelain bowls to rugged bases to explore the contrast between rough and smooth surfaces

Please contact me or look at my website to find where I am exhibiting or to plan a visit to my studio: www.ianvance.net

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Contact details:

Ian Vance

Ian Vance Ceramics

Larkfield, Debden Road Newport Essex CB11 3RU

Tel: 01799 540322

Mob: 07771 948874

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Ian Vance Ceramics

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