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Sue Judd

30 Vicarage Road, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2LP, 

England, UK   

Sue:  +44 7825 575 314                          Private: +44 1842 752 901


Sue Judd’s List of Pottery Supplies Available

Approx. Quantity



1.0 Kg Whiting

2.50 kg Cornish Stone

2.0 kg Silica Sand

2.0 kg Feld Spar FF

2.0 kg Pot Ash Feld Spar

0.25 kg Talc

3.0 kg Flint

2.50 kg Dolomite

3.0 kg China Clay

0.50 Sodium Silicate Liquid

4 x Bags Clay Earth-stone High Firing 1,280 degrees (Still wrapped)

Any offers considered, please ring or email, collection only


Wheel Wanted preferably Shimpo but will consider others

Wanted a pottery wheel in good condition for a new potter.


Name: Jennie Longbottom
Phone: 07807928948


For Sale


Over 150 copies of Ceramic Review Magazine for sale, from January 1993 to December 2019. £150. Useful resource for anyone teaching. Buyer collects.
Contact:- Maureen Baker
01760 722738.



This kiln came from a school over ten years ago but was never used since. I have also never used it as I found a bigger one.

We tested the resistance of the elements and they seem okay. A new thermocouple sheath has been fitted, the thermocouple appears to work, as we've tested it with a pyrometer.

I have a single programme digital controller that I would sell separately - this would need wiring in.

You could possibly convert it to be a gas kiln instead.

It is VERY heavy. We needed 4 people to lift it using lengths of wood. You will need a van or trailer. We can provide one person to help with lifting but you will need at least 2 more strong people. Transporting it is at your own risk.

2 shelves included but no props.

Approx Inside dimensions 

29cm x 29cm x h 31cm

Approx Outside dimensions

w67cm x d80cm x h133


Contact Tracey on 07810870274 or


Studio Equipment for sale


1. Stanton Five Cubic Foot, Top Loading, Phase 3 Electric Kiln £ 500

External  89 x 94 x 88 cm [w x d x h]

Internal  52 x 53 x 49.5 cm [w x d x h]

Electric controller

Please note, this kiln requires a Phase 3 electric supply

2. Spray Booth £400

External 66 x 72 x 155 cm [w x d x h]

In-built extractor fan

Miscellaneous Tools

3. Rohde Banding Wheel/Turntable RSH220 was £60, now £40 SOLD

Diameter: 220mm, Height 155mm.

4. Diamond Grinding Disc 12″ 120 grit, brand new diam was £89 now £45

5. Talisman Sieves 40s, 60s, 80s mesh £15 each Top diam 11cm, Bottom diam 8cm, depth 4.5cm

6. Pack of Tools for Use with Paperclay £10

Includes: Spatula, Scissors, Dottle, Fettling Knife, Brayer, Large soft rubber kidney, Brush

7. Wooden Sieve 30s 150mm diam £10

8. Glaze tongs £6

9. Glaze mops/ lawn brush x 2 £5 each

10. Tjanting tools x 3 £4 each

11. Wooden paddle 24.5cm long £3

12. Glaze mixer drill bit (60cm long) £2

13. Rolling pin 41cm long £2 SOLD

14. Potter’s Thumb £2 SOLD

Miscellaneous Materials

15. 2.5kg China Clay Standard Porcelain £5

16. 5kg Kaolin Eckalite no.1 £7

17. 600g Molochite (very fine) £2

18. 500g Mould maker’s size £3

19. Scarva Wax Emulsion / Resist 500ml tub, unopened £5


Angela Mellor


For sale


Kilns and Furnaces L8HT kiln. It is 3 phase but according to the specification details it can be converted to single phase. Also it is classed as a "split kiln" suggesting that it can be divided front and back for the purpose of moving.

Offers please to:

Contact details are: mobile 07843 187930, email 





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