Note new day of the week and time!

These are sessions where we can talk about the work we're making, as well as our making processes, to receive feedback, ideas, support, advice, encouragement - all sorts of good things.
They run every 4 weeks, so as not to clash with the fortnightly AP Zoom catch-up meetings. Joining details will always be the same (see below).
Any member is welcome to attend any meeting, regardless of whether they've missed any (or all) previous ones.
You should bring:
Photos of anything you're working on that you want the group to think about and/or the pieces themselves to hold up to camera. You don't have to bring a piece if you just want to participate in the discussion.
A photo or link to a ceramic piece online that we could discuss. The idea is for us to learn about highly-regarded potters and ceramic artists and their work as well as developing our own practice.
We will talk about as many of our own projects as we can fit in, plus at least one 'famous' pot. Any we don't have time to talk about will be saved for a future meeting.
Meetings will last 1-1.5 hours.

Meeting ID: 812 8261 0038

(We have removed the passcode and enabled the waiting room instead, so there's less to remember)

Our events

Our events are generally intended for our members, but we are a very friendly group, and visitors are always welcome.  A few of our events are restricted to members only, such as our potter's camp in August, but if you are interested in ceramics and not sure about joining us, please do come to one of our demonstration days.  You will probably learn something new, and will certainly meet lots of enthusiastic potters.  If you would like to come along, please contact the events organisers, details are shown on our contacts page.

Please note that if you pay via Paypal you should get a receipt from them to confirm your payment, plus an email from us confirming your place.  If you haven't received either of these mails, your booking will not have been paid for.

We don't issue tickets for events.  Any queries should be directed to the Events Organiser.

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