Feb 252018

Demo day- Ester Beck

When:Sunday, , 10:00- 16:00
Where:Mundford Village Hall

Ester Beck was born in Germany in 1951 moving to Israel in 1977. After a short career as a clinical psychologist, Ester followed her dream to become a potter and set up her own studio in 1987. Ester sees herself as a craftsperson within the studio ceramics tradition of the 20th century, wanting to deal with the clearly defined vessel with reference to a very rich culture of the useful and decorative. Over the years, Esters vessels have gone through processes of abstraction, making them sculptural objects. She still sees herself as a craftsperson making useful ceramics on the wheel and free-styled sculptural objects which have become her main focus.

For more info, see her website at http://esterbeckceramics.com


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