John Wheeldon was born in the Derbyshire Dales where his family have lived for generations, and where he still lives. He is acutely aware of its industrial past being the birth place of the  industrial revolution. For several years John has been developing an interest in the history of 18c ceramics. In 2013 John moved away from decorative Raku and looked afresh at what he was making and try to incorporate some of the elements of that period. Putting this research to use in his own work has meant John has produced specialist tools such as roulettes and handle dies based on originals in museum collections. Referencing the forms and techniques of the eighteenth century Creamware and using fresh, modern colours a contemporary take on 18c tableware.

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Directions - Mundford is at the junction of the A134 and A1065, north of Thetford. Village Hall - IP26


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