Niek Hoogland and Pim van Huisseling live and work in the monastic village of Steyl in Holland, near the river Maas at Venlo. Niek works with red firing earthenware clay that has been sourced in the region, making wheel thrown domestic ware, tiles, and sculptures. The potters-wheel is his tool and he likes to work as straightforward as the clay allows him to. The softness of the clay, the action of the throwing, leaving his mark, making it his own.

Creamy white slip covering the terracotta, Sgraffito revealing the clay beneath, brushstrokes and trailed lines, build up a story.

Being trained as a slipware potter and living in a town with a history of ceramics, Niek can see his work in an historic perspective without feeling tied to that tradition. He draws from it, borrows from it and adapts things with directness and humor.

Making slipware ceramics has made Niek a village potter and part of a community. Niek is also known internationally and runs regular workshops and comes to major shows in the UK.

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