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This page haa been provided for members to post questions and comments.  Perhaps you have a problem with a glaze and would like input from others.  Perhaps you have developed a new technique and would like to share the results.  You can post your question or comment, and other members will be able to post responses.  This page will be moderated to ensure that all content is decent and legal!


  • Membership & Contact Details Posted on by Jacky Willoughby

    I'd like to change my membership to Joint to include my husband. I've looked on the website for contact details of someone to ask but can't find any. What am I missing?

    Many thanks, Jacky

    • Re: Membership & Contact Details Posted on by Jacky Willoughby

      I've just realised that by clicking on Committee I get everyone's details. I thought it was only the drop-down subjects that were accessible. Duh. Have duly contacted the Membership Secretary.


  • House insurance if you do Open Studios Posted on by Phil Arthur
    I have been told by my house insurance that they will not insure me if I have visitors coming for open studios. Lots of potters do Open Studios from their homes - there must be a way to get house insurance and still open you workshop to visitors. Any suggestion?
    • Re: House insurance if you do Open Studios Posted on by John Masterton

      Change your insurers!  My insurance was ok with the pottery.  They did ask about numbers of visitors. It probably depends on how many you expect to get!

  • Amateur potter looking for experience Norwich aria. Posted on by Emily Redmond



    My name is Lilly, I'm 30 and I've been potting part time for about 4 years.

    I am looking for somewhere in Norwich that I can continue to learn and gain skills in ceramics. 

    I can offer my time in return for tuition and/or access to a studio.

    I am interested in learning all aspects of ceramics and studio management but I am most eager to improve my throwing skills.

    If you can help me please contact me by email at getlilson@yahoo.co.uk





  • spraying glazes with an electric spray gun Posted on by Richard Wilks

    I am considering purchasing an electric spray gun as I have seen some advertised as having a secondary nozzle for applying glazes. Does anyone have experience of using an electric spray and can you recommend a make or model?


    Many Thanks 

    Richard W

  • SiC Shelves Posted on by Thaxted Potters Sally Rowe

    Does anybody have experience of using silicon carbide kiln shelves?

    We are a fairly new club and are about to purchase a second kiln, without furniture. We have considered going to the extra expense of silicon carbide shelves because we hear there are less problems with glazes running and ruining standard shelves. 

    Is that in fact the case? We obviously don't want to spend extra money on shelves that are just as vulnerable to glaze damage.

    Thaxted Potters

  • Professional photography? Posted on by Sheila Madder

    Hello, I have been thinking about getting my work professionally photographed and was wondering if there was any photographers you could recomend around East Anglia?

    • Re: Professional photography? Posted on by Serena O'Connor

      Hi there,


      I have recently joined Anglian Potters. I can recommend a photographer for you called Tom Davies. He is also a professional website designer and specialises in creating websites for artists as well. His website is : www.tomdaviesdesign.com and you should be able to see examples of his work plus get his contact details. Do mention my name if you want,

      good luck,


      Serena O'Connor

  • Slab roller Posted on by Sarah Pirkis

    Hi, I'm looking for a very large 2nd hand slab roller.. 3ft X 4ft ideally. I just thought I would try on here, before I start attempting to make one myself! Many Thanks, Sarah

  • Re-glazing Posted on by Charles Fortt

    As I'm just a beginner, I hesitate to post anything by way of a suggestion but other beginners might like to know it is possible to re-glaze work that didn't come out right first time. As glazed work will not absorb the glaze solution, just dipping it tends to result in runs. So I experimented with dipping and then immediately blow-drying with a heat gun (using tongs!). After several coats and careful handling, I obtained a better glaze and was able to keep the pot instead of trashing it.

    • Re: Re-glazing Posted on by Sian Rae

      Hi Charles. Exactly what I do. Good tip. Thanks for sharing. Sian

    • Re: Re-glazing Posted on by Nicola Ashley

      Try heating up the object before hand. This opens the pours of the glaze on the pot and allows new glazes to be applied. it will still come off when touched, so straight into the kiln. Hope this helps.

  • Kiln rental Posted on by Sian Rae

    Hi, I'm in the process of moving to the area. Until I'm fully set up I'm looking for somewhere that rents out thier kilns or kiln space for an electric firing up to 1250C so that I can carry on producing work. This is something i'm looking to do regularly over the next 6 months not just as a one off. Does anyone know of anywhere? Feel free to email me on sian@sianrae.co.uk 


    Many Thanks

    • Re: Kiln rental Posted on by Serena O'Connor

      I know this is an old post but I am looking to rent a kiln at the moment too. I live near Cambridge and would need to fire porcelain, glaze firings and earthenware. Is there any kind soul who could let me use their kiln nearby...I am happy to pay (withing reason of course!!) or perhaps we could group together?





      ps. If anypne has a top loader they would like to sell i would be really interested.


  • what electric top loader kiln to buy? Posted on by Fiona Fitzgerald


    I want to buy a top loader and wondered if any one had a recommendation, Rohde or Pottery craft or cheiftain? And who form? Essex or Northern Kilns or????


    Fiona FitzGerald Norwich

    • Re: what electric top loader kiln to buy? Posted on by James Geary

      I recently bought a Rohde toploader from CTM (who offered me the best price after comparing with others in the market).  I have been delighted with the kiln which was delivered direct from the manufacturer about 4 weeks after being ordered.  It is single phase and comes with a very easy controller.  After my old cromartie (which occasionally let me down) this is a dream and I feel I can set the controller and simply leave it to do the job without worry or feeling the need to check the firing.

    • Re: what electric top loader kiln to buy? Posted on by Christine Le Grand

      Hi - James, I know this is an old post but what did you do about the German plug that the Rohde kiln comes with?  Is wiring in the only solution?  I'm wondering if there is an adaptor.  Mine is 16amp, yet to be connected.  Thanks.

    • Re: what electric top loader kiln to buy? Posted on by James Geary

      Only 7 months late I can reply that I didn't have a German plug on my kiln and a friendly electrician 'plumbed" it in for my directly into a fuse box.  

  • Looking for a Tutorial Posted on by Jnana Emmett

    I remember seeing in a Newsletter that from time to time the Top Potters at AP offer a tutorial - come and show best of your work, and get some tips - is this on offer any more?  I feel I've got to the stage of making passable work and could do with some tips.  I've not tried exhibiting up to now because feel work is not up to standard.  Now its looking better.

    Maybe I wasnt clear - does anyone offer tutorials in the Ipswich area?

    No replies here to this post yet! contact me on jnanamitra1968(at)gmail.com



    Updated on 19/02/2016 11:47:00 by Jnana Emmett

    • Re: Looking for a Tutorial Posted on by Roberta Bateman

      I think if you come to one of the Mundford events and bring some of your work you cen definitely ask one of the most experienced potters there and they will give you their opinion... that's what I did ages ago, and Victor at the time offered some very constructive criticism that I found very helpful. 

  • Gas kiln Posted on by Patricia Rucinski
    Can anyone recommend a good book on gas firing. I am looking to buy a gas kiln but have not used one before so want to read up!
  • kiln servicing Posted on by Lois Thirkettle
    Hello everyone - my kiln needs servicing [it is struggling to get to 1260 ]: has anyone any suggestions / recommendations about who I can contact? Many thanks Lois [and keep cool!]

    Updated on 02/07/2015 11:06:00 by Lois Thirkettle

    • Re: kiln servicing Posted on by Jeremy Peake
      Yes, Bob Aves at Corby Kilns http://www.corbykilns.co.uk/ :-)
  • Park and WALK in Cambridge Posted on by Anton Todd

    Park and Ride? No...I always Park and WALK! There are quite often free spaces available behind the Magistrates Court opposite the Grafton Centre. It sometimes takes some searching but I always manage to find a space in the streets round here. It's not too far to walk to Emmanuel and All Saints'. :)

  • HELP me PLEASE GLAZING Posted on by Jennie Longbottom

    Well I have now, with the help of many Anglia Potters, developed the art of throwing a fairly symetrical, presentable pot but can I glaze them without ruining the lot?


      Please can someone teach me the fundamentals of this art before I have to leave home?


    Jennie longbottom



    Thank you

    • Re: HELP me PLEASE GLAZING Posted on by John Masterton


      What sort of problem do you have? Is it choosing or making a glaze, or applying it? What sort of firing are you looking to do?



    • Re: HELP me PLEASE GLAZING Posted on by Jennie Longbottom

      It is actually getting it to be an even cover without runs or looking awful

    • Re: HELP me PLEASE GLAZING Posted on by Tony Dutton

      Matthew Blakely runs courses on glazing, he has a website ....Tony Dutton

  • I'm the first! Posted on by Anton Todd

    I know I'm an idiot...but I just wanted to be the first to write in this section! Wait....I have a question!....When you recycle your clay how long do you leave it to 'soak'? ...and then do you dry it out on a plaster bat and then wedge it? I have boxes full of offcuts and have just started to recycle it...just a little bit suspicious that the recycled clay is a little 'brittle' and not an amlgamous mass. I dint thonk ther is a speell chucker on this payge!

    Anton Todd

    • Re: I'm the first! Posted on by Heather Graham

      Hi Anton

      I have no set time to soak, I put everything in a bucket with water as I go. Any large or dry pieces are broken down. I decant off clear water and just keep going until the bucket is getting a bit full. My studio is too small to waste space for plaster so I lay a yard square piece of old sheeting over a bowl and put in between a third and a half of the clay in. Then I gather up the fabric and tie it up with strong cord (nylon is strong and does not rot) and hang up in a tree to drip dry. There is a photo on my FB page for last April. The time that it takes depends on the weather but I usually bring it in quite soft and mix it with new clay as I like to throw with soft clay.

      Good luck! Heather 

      Updated on 08/02/2014 17:33:00 by Heather Graham

    • Re: I'm the first! Posted on by Anton Todd

      Many Thanks, Heather....My mum used to make cottage cheese like this...I can remember it hanging from our apple tree!

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