Christmas Open Exhibition


Coming up on November 9th - our famous Christmas Selling Exhibition at All Saints Church Jesus Lane Cambridge:

Exhibitors this year are:

Marilyn Andreetti

Rachel Austin

Karen Banks

Harvey Bradley

Selena Bragg

Barbara Bullock

Chris Bullock

Liz Chipchase

Lydia Collings

Rosemarie Cooke

Cathy D'Arcy

Nicki Darrell

Paddy Dean

Peter Deans

Liz Deeks

Christine Doddington

Linda Duclaud-Williams

Trevor Dyer

Jan Elliot

Annie Evans

Ian Evans

Josy Fairbairns

Christine Finney

Claire Folkes

Anne Foxley

Sylvie Gagne

Margaret Gardiner

Nuala Garnsey

Ruth Gillett

Martin George

Juliet Gorman

Celia Greenaway

Sheena Grummitt

Elna Guy

Sandra Hall

John Hannyngton

Felicity Hey

Helen Humphreys

Dawn Isaac

Richard Kirman

Claire Knight

Liesel Lawrence

Pauline Lee

Liz Lewis

Phyl Lewry

Frank Logan

Jennie Longbottom

Sarah Loosemore

John Masterton

Louise McDonald

Andrea Moreton

Russell Moreton

Kasumi Murai

Carol Page

Ewa Pandera

Karen Player

Claire Porter

Fran Shall

Ruby Sharp

Ian Siragher

Liz Smith

Robbie Spence

Sally Stenning

David Stonehouse

Mark Taggart

Kim Tibbles

Ian Vance

Danika Vautour

JJ Vincent

Joy Voisey

Diana Watts

Alison White

Karen Willis

Hilary Wilmott

Mary Wyatt

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