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Reminder - last date for entries 15th December. Download form from here


Expressions of interest are invited from Anglian Potters  to exhibit at an exhibition of works in clay which respond to personal, social or political issues of our time.

Dates: Sunday 13th to Saturday 20 May 2018

Location:  St Margaret's Church of Art,  Norwich.

Booked to coincide with the Norfolk and Norwich festival 2018 this will provide a showcase for artists work to be seen by a wide audience.

The exhibits are expected to inform, challenge and to provoke discussion and debate.

The exhibition will give exposure to the exhibitors who may make relevant contacts for the future.

Submissions are to be primarily in clay (at least 70%), but inclusion of other materials would be acceptable.

Provisional submission fee £20.00 per exhibitor to cover basic costs

This is a 'not for profit' event. It is not a selling or fundraising event.

This proposal has arisen from the 2017 potters camp where an interest in the political history of pottery was put together with issues of today. This resulted in an intention to hold a ceramics exhibition which will give clay a contemporary voice.

There is ample evidence of pottery having a historic relationship with politics and that this continues to be relevant today. Artists such as Grayson Perry are making the use of clay to express socio-political issues in clay increasingly familiar.  Makers will be invited to present meaningful issues of their choice. These issues may be of a personal, social, political, national, environmental or international nature.

If you are interested, please send your details to

Poster can be downloaded from here

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